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If you pay close enough attention, life will reveal many truths to you. But that's the key, you must be paying attention. That's the message of 28 Things. As the title suggests, there are 28 various life lessons contained within these pages that will motivate and inspire you on topics such as: 

1) How to use your impending death to ignite you. 

2) How difficult times can make you stronger, but only if you let them. 

3) Why you should cherish every moment with your family and friends. 

4) How to reverse engineer regret and make your aspirations become your new reality.

 5) Why a trip to the zoo can instantly bring some happiness into your life. 

6) Why you should occasionally step off the 'treadmill of life' in order to fully enjoy your life. 

7) How 'covert contracts' will harm your relationships. 

If you have that little voice in your head telling you that you can do more, or accomplish great things, than you will no doubt appreciate the lessons in this book. 28 Things will inspire you to reach new heights and live a more fulfilled, enriched life. A more gratifying life is within your reach, and it's closer than you think.

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Coming Fall 2019!

Rockie Zeigler III is a father of four, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, a marathon finisher, and President of RP Zeigler Investment Services, Inc. (www.rpzeigler.com) in Peoria Illinois. Rockie is also the author of '28 Things: Life Lessons From A Guy Who's Nearly Over The Hill.’ Rockie has been featured in publications such as the Peoria Journal Star, Fox 43 TV, CNBC, The Huffington Post, and U.S. News & World Report. Rockie writes about his life, investing, personal finance, and motivational topics at www.theanxiousadvisor.com.

Alex Kowerko, CFP® in Nashville, Tennessee- “If you are an investor, this is a must read. Rockie lightheartedly explains why you may want to incorporate passive investing into your overall investment plans. Best part? He does so in Layman’s terms.”

Kris Lamont, CFP® in Mason City, Iowa - “If you own mutual funds, you really need to read this book. Rockie walks you through the basics of passive vs active management and shows why professionals, and individuals, are turning to ETFs over mutual funds. Whether you are a seasoned investor looking for a new investment, or just starting out, this book is a valuable resource.”

Shawn Hayes, Owner of Principle Property Management in Peoria Illinois. "Rockie's work pokes holes in the industry's 'conventional wisdom.’ I believe he has provided a framework for choosing investment vehicles and advisors that will chart a more efficient course towards financial freedom"

Craig Janssen, Owner/Operator of Great Harvest Bread Co in Peoria & Morton Illinois. “If you’re investing your money in the markets, you should read this book. It’s overflowing with useful and crucial information.