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Who Our Clients Are

Meet Sarah

Age: 33

Profession: Corporate Accounts Receivable Director  

Financial Goals: Saving For Retirement, Mitigating Taxes, Spending Less Time Managing Her Investments, and Saving For Her Two Kid's College.

Allow me to introduce Sarah. Sarah has a healthy, six-figure income working for a large, multi-national corporation. She is busy professional, a busy mother of two and a busy wife. She's working hard to make her dreams come true, which are a comfortable retirement, saving enough so that her kid's aren't riddled with student loan debt like she was, and paying down her debt as quickly as she can. 

As a busy corporate employee, she sometimes works well over 40 hours a week, and is sometimes required to travel, as well.

After being turned away from the big brokerage firms because she didn't meet their investment minimums, she was looking for options that better suited her family's situation. She realized she needed an expert who would look out for her best interests, with a flexible, easy to understand cost structure.  

Enter RP Zeigler Investment Services

We can help Sarah and her family in a number of ways:

  1. We can help her create a long-term financial plan that will help her accomplish her goals.
  2. We can set her up a secure client portal. Now, she will be able to see all of her financial accounts on a single screen. 
  3. We can help her increase the interest rate on her emergency by over double than what she was earning at her local bank.
  4. We can help her properly manage her investments, personalized to her desired level of risk, no matter where they are located at.
  5. We can help her potentially save money on taxes by utilizing tax efficient investments, as well as creating custom tax saving strategies. Just for her and her family.

Sarah has a nice income, but is overwhelmed by her busy life and by trying to manage her investments, save for retirement, save for her kid's college, minimizing her tax burden, and manage her debt payoff. 

If this sounds like your situation, reach out today. We can help.

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Meet Bob & Karen

Ages: 62 & 60

Professions: Forklift Driver For A Large Manufacturer & Office Manager For A Local Small Business

Financial Goals: Figure Out When Is The Best Time To Take Social Security, Determine If They Should Take A Lump Sum Or Monthly Payments From A Pension Plan, Manage Their Retirement Investments Properly Since Retirement Is Looming In The Near Future.

Allow me to introduce Bob & Karen. Bob and Karen both have been working hard for over 30 years. They have a nice nest egg saved up in their respective 401(k)'s. With retirement around the corner, Bob & Karen have some serious decisions to make. Decisions that, frankly, they don't feel 100% confident making themselves. They are looking for a financial planner they can trust, but equally as important, a financial planner they can relate to. 

Enter RP Zeigler Investment Services

We're not your typical stuffy, BMW driving, downtown located type of financial planning firm. We're different. We're more of the tee shirt & jeans kind of folks.  

We can help Bob & Karen in a handful of ways:

  • Helping them figure out when, and how, to take their Social Security benefits. We can also who them how much their monthly Social Security benefit will be when they retire. 
  • Showing them how much Medicare will cost, and what it will cover. 
  • Determining if they should take a lump sum, or monthly payments, from a pension plan.
  • Properly managing their investments (401k, IRAs etc) with retirement right around the corner. 
  • Coming up with a date for each of their retirements.  

If this sounds like your situation, reach out today. We can help.

Schedule your 15-minute intro call here